What happens when a hegemonic space like a western European ballroom is occupied and is re-energized by artists?

How do we artists share and acknowledge privileges of expression and accessibility?

How do we become a swarm and share a horizontal non-hierarchical narrative?

On October 14-15-16 2016 at the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, the residency opened its doors to the public. Visitors were able to see a video and photographic documentation of the residency and also meet all the artists and learn about their work with a video sample display. During the three days open-to-the-world guests did participate in workshops led by the refugee, local and international artists.

The art residency began with a lecture based on the refugee story in Minor Asia, however the artists’ interests and the themes of their work quickly moved beyond the “crisis”. Setting aside labels and national identities, the artists were able to tap into their life experiences and fully embrace their artist identities.



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